A Message from Our Founder

Improved communication makes the health care experience better for everyone

After working at all levels in health care organizations for over 30 years, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working alongside thousands of dedicated professionals. These inspiring individuals have made caring for others the focus of their lives’ work. Through their insights and experiences, I’ve come to appreciate what is right in health care today … and what still can be much better.

My work in health care showed me at an intellectual level that communication can be better. Yet it was my personal experience with a hospitalized family member that convinced me at an emotional level that communication must be better. At Stamp & Chase, our sincere belief is that improved communication can make the experience in health care better for everyone. That includes patients, families — and the dedicated professionals who have devoted their lives to taking care of them.

Founder Burl Stamp

Burl Stamp, FACHE