Leadership Development

MyTEAM puts powerful tools in the palm of your hand
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Leadership Development

Culture is nurtured and developed at all levels of an organization in a multitude of ways. But Stamp & Chase understands that the actions and examples of leaders, first and foremost, define expectations and establish the foundation for a strong, sustainable, high-performance culture.

Using a structured, competency-based model, Stamp & Chase helps leaders focus on four key areas of management practice that lead to improved performance:

  • Promoting accountability and achievement of goals
  • Providing support and mentoring for the team
  • Delivering effective feedback
  • Engaging staff in improvement efforts
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These competencies and practices are organized and implemented through a web-based, mobile portfolio of tools called MyTEAM™, which promotes key behaviors required to change culture and sustain performance improvement.

MyTEAM stands for Teach, Empower, Align and Mentor.

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