Phase 4: Sustaining Results

To ensure gains stick, we instill high-performance practices in your culture
medical staffers in meeting with stamp & chase

To insure successful implementation of all strategies and to assist leaders with integration of new practices into their work teams, Stamp & Chase will dedicate time onsite each month to work alongside health system leaders. This in-the-trenches coaching and support will be focused on sustainability of results and includes:

  • Regular attendance at each hospital’s monthly management meeting (schedule to be planned during implementation)
  • One-on-one coaching with frontline managers, focusing on those departments where results are not meeting goals
  • Regular meetings with entity senior management to insure achievement of agreed upon goals, plan progress, and to address specific concerns
  • Rounding with senior leaders and middle managers to insure consistency and effectiveness of approach
Consistent deployment of the MyTEAM™ management tools and approaches designed to drive higher performance and instill a positive, constructive culture across the work team