Innovation is a team sport, and the Basadur Profile helps organizations identify the diverse skills necessary to affect change

The Basadur Profile helps to develop happy, collaborative teams and individuals that can innovate effectively and sustainably. It does this by analyzing how individuals approach problem solving. Stamp & Chase advisers are certified the Basadur Profile and use the tool to help individual and organizations:

  • Gain deep understanding of your problem-solving style and how it impacts your performance, working relationships and ability to drive innovation forward
  • Learn to work with your profile to optimize your performance and enjoy your work
  • Build collaborative, innovative, happy teams
  • Manage your team more effectively with greater insight into their preferences, strengths, and weaknesses


Everyone approaches problem solving differently. The Basadur Profile helps you identify which of the four key problem solving styles you prefer:

Generator – ‘I like to get things started’

Generators love finding new problems and opportunities to work on.

Conceptualizer – ‘I enjoy taking time to really define the problem’

Conceptualizers like to define a problem and put together ideas and solutions.

Optimizer – ‘I enjoy turning ideas into practical solutions’

Optimizers like to refine and evaluate ideas, turning abstract notions into practical plans.

Implementer – ‘I want to get things done’

Implementers do what is necessary to get the job done.