Our priority in performance improvement is sustainability of results, not just one-time gains

Hospital Change Management Plan

Like all our work, Stamp & Chase’s work in healthcare change management and performance improvement follows a collaborative model that includes leaders, physicians and staff at all levels of the organization. This approach nurtures more sustainable results, primarily because key constituent buy into solutions rather than having them imposed.

Our change management work ranges from focused projects in productivity, supply chain and care management to the development of a comprehensive Performance Management Office (PMO) that drives improved results and tracks ongoing performance.

Our approach always balances improvement in processes with investment in the development of the people who implement those processes, paying attention to both the detailed strategies and tactics that will produce results and getting key constituencies to embrace those plans.

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1. Assessment
2. Collaborative Design
3. Engagement
4. Sustainability

Our collaborative approach to change management includes four phases that will engage senior executives, physicians, middle managers, and frontline staff in efforts to improve individual and collective performance.