About Us

We’re raising sites and improving performance for clients nationwide

Stamp & Chase, Inc. is a St. Louis-based performance improvement company that partners with health care organizations across the globe to raise sights and improve operating performance. We are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations develop the full spectrum of leadership and communication skills that contribute to success in workforce culture, employee engagement, and patient/family experience.

A Message from Our Founder

The challenge of being stuck-in -the-middle

Every manager in every organization has been there. As a star, frontline staff member whose performance rose above peers, you were thrilled to be promoted to a management position that recognized your accomplishments.

Then reality set in.

Burl Stamp, FACHE President | Founder

Middle managers have some of the toughest jobs in any organization. During times of transformation and turmoil, the work of middle managers is even more challenging – and more important.

Sadly, most companies admit that they do little to effectively prepare middle managers for success. Usually, new managers muddle through and figure out the core tactical tasks – budget reports, HR policies and fixing operational problems.

But when it comes to the tougher, more nuanced work of developing frontline staff and making them more successful, most managers struggle.

Helping frontline leaders be successful makes the entire organization more successful

Employee engagement. Patient/customer loyalty. Product/service quality. Stamp & Chase believes that the path to sustainable improvement in all these critical areas runs squarely through the ranks of middle managers. And that’s why we developed MyTEAM®.

The MyTEAM® training curriculum and associated software platform deliver a portfolio of tools and strategies that support a manager’s central role as coach. Easily accessible from any desktop or mobile device, MyTEAM® becomes a manager’s best friend, helping them transform their relationship with the team.

A manager’s most important job is to develop and support the employees who work for him/her. Smart investments in frontline leaders’ success are central to your company’s success. Deploying MyTEAM® practices improves the work environment – both for frontline staff and the hard-working managers who support them.

Our Guiding Principles

Since Stamp & Chase’s founding in 2003, four Guiding Principles have been the foundation for the way we approach every engagement. These principles differentiate our approach and are at the heart of why clients trust and keep coming back to us.
clients in a way that helps them better serve employees and their communities.
and leverage an organization’s internal skills, experience and expertise to maximize results.
from each client and each assignment to continually improve our services.
to the personal development and success of the people we serve, not just their organizations.