MyTEAM® is like a "fitbit" for leaders, prompting and tracking best practices that can transform the workplace

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Frontline leaders are pulled in countless directions each hour of every day. Just keeping their head above water with routine tasks makes it difficult to find time to focus on performance improvement.

Managers’ day-to-day tasks fall into two general categories: 1) managing data and things, and 2) leading people. The problem with this scope of responsibilities is that managing things often takes priority over mentoring and developing people. Budgets, monthly reports and administrative meetings all have deadlines and specific time frames. Developing individuals on the team? Not so much.

MyTEAM® helps leaders reprioritize day-to-day activities and performance improvement, making it easier to adopt the leadership practices that help the team be at its very best – both individually and collectively.

Grounded in field-tested, evidence-based best practices, MyTEAM® is like a “fitbit” for recurring leadership activities and performance improvement. Our platform prompts and tracks actions that transform the relationship between a manager and his/her team, improving results and making life better for everyone.