Healthcare Leadership Development Program
Healthcare Leadership Development Program

Providing Effective Leadership to the Team
as a Whole

Staff look to their manager to establish clear priorities and direction, then provide support for the team to successfully achieve goals. As a teacher, the manager offers the expertise and wisdom that shapes the course of the workgroup. Of course, a strong teacher also is a continuous learner, benefitting from the knowledge and contributions of individuals to make the team stronger as a unit.

There are three specific practices included in the Teach module of the MyTEAM® application:

Integrated Leader Rounding

  • Frequent visibility and support to the team in the work environment
  • Focused on meaningful conversations with all customer groups to better understand successes and opportunities for improvement
  • Designed to check in on staff, not check up on staff

Daily Huddles

  • Brief stand-up meeting lasting just 5 minutes
  • Focused on key issues for that shift and helping staff be successful today
  • Emphasis on sending staff “on the field” inspired, not discouraged

Interactive Team Meetings

  • Most effective forum for meaningful dialogue among the team
  • Leaders strive for a 50/50 ratio of giving vs. receiving information and ideas