Especially during and following a crisis, staff engagement starts with listening

Most organizations have never endured a highly disruptive, far-reaching, lingering crisis like the coronavirus pandemic. Health care has been hit especially hard. Understandably, health care provider organization leaders have focused on the immediate operational demands to meet community needs.

But as the crisis drags on, the emotional roller coaster leaders, staff and physicians have been on is having longer-term effects. Organizational culture is being tested like never before, and the team is tired, stressed and longing to be heard.

 Our Patient & Staff Experience Snapshot uses a field-tested, qualitative research approach that has been deployed in hundreds of hospitals and ambulatory practices over the past 18 years. Our team will spend several boots-on-the-ground days with your team across shifts and locations. We’ll get behind the numbers to better understand organizational culture issues and challenges in leader and staff engagement.

Elements of the Experience Snapshot

  • Review of results of engagement surveys, internal and external communication vehicles pre- and post-pandemic; presentations from recent Town Halls; rounding practices and key findings
  • In-depth interviews with hospital, ambulatory and physician leaders to confirm current organizational priorities, assess degree of alignment on critical issues, and identify major areas for improvement
  • Focus groups with frontline leaders to assess the pandemic’s impact on workplace culture, communication with staff, and their own struggles to maintain self and team morale
  • Focus groups with frontline staff from a cross-section of departments to gain insights into current issues and perception of needs in communication and teamwork
  • Focus groups with physicians to understand their perceptions of the organization’s response to COVID-19, including communication and support from leadership

At the end of our week with you, we will debrief with your executive team to provide a high-level summary of our major findings. A comprehensive report detailing all learnings and recommendations from the Experience Snapshot will be presented to the leadership team two weeks after the completion of the onsite visit. This report will focus on the “people strategies” that must be a central part of your COVID-19 recovery plan.