Manager at Stamp & Chase listening to Doctor
Healthcare Leadership Development Program

Providing Consistent Feedback to Individual Team Members

In the Mentor module, the real power of the MyTEAM® platform comes together. Mentoring and coaching practices help managers provide more frequent and meaningful positive feedback (which reinforces desired behaviors) and constructive criticism (which corrects substandard behaviors). Three specific leadership practices provide the framework for continuous individual and team improvement:

Daily Coaching

  • In-the-moment comments on a job well done or areas for improvement
  • Balanced positive and negative feedback, striving for a 5-to-1 ratio of appreciative vs. constructive comments

Development Dialogue

  • More structured dialogues regarding individual performance, held a minimum of twice per year
  • Focused on each employee’s thoughts about their contributions to the team and career development


  • Consistent direct observation of employees in their environment doing their jobs, which offers the most powerful opportunities for coaching and mentoring
  • Focuses on the how, not just the what


With insights on each employee’s performance and the manager’s feedback consistently documented in MyTEAM™, organizations can elect to use this information in a number of ways to support annual appraisal:

  • As evidence for annual validation of key job competencies,
  • To craft a brief summary statement on performance, highlighting key strengths and opportunities for improvement, or
  • As a stand-alone document summarizing specific feedback provided throughout the year.