Improving employee and patient experience in tandem produces the best, most sustainable results

Great employee and patient experiences are at the heart of a workplace culture that embraces the needs of caregivers and the patients they serve.

Research by Press Ganey and other organizations confirms that improving interpersonal communication competencies and practices is key to improving patient experience and engagement. Our research and work with a broad range of health care clients confirm that efforts to improve communication skills and behaviors are among the most difficult organizational factors for organizations and their middle managers to influence.

These issues – which are far more challenging to affect than technical competencies or adherence to policies and procedures – have a significant impact on a leader’s success and the overall performance of his/her department.

Our collaborative approach builds trust and buy-in with your team

“How well staff worked together as a team” is one of the patient experience survey questions that is most highly correlated with overall satisfaction. Practicing what we preach, our collaborative approach is designed to build trust among frontline clinical staff, managers and physicians in a way that will improve adoption, implementation, and sustainability of new behaviors. We equip team members with the competencies and tools they need to be successful and consistently improve the work environment and operational results.

Building and sustaining an exceptional customer experience starts with a foundation of exceptional value in the core product/service. Then, the product must be delivered in a way that meets or exceed customer expectations. But Fred Reichheld, best-selling author and father of the Net Promoter Score methodology, taught us that it is when customers feel a compelling, emotional connection to a brand, that provides the best experience and leads to customer loyalty.

Stamp & Chase’s comprehensive approach to understanding and improving patient experience includes discovery of both the “Process Reliability” and “Emotional Connection” aspects of the patient/customers’ journey. Especially in healthcare, emotional and social connections are created primarily through effective, compassionate, respectful communication. Our extensive, competency-based curriculum, CAREmunication®, provides an efficient, effective way for organizations to develop better interpersonal practices across the care team.