Hospital Staff Engagement
Empowering Healthcare Employees

Getting Staff More Involved
in Decision-Making

Central to all contemporary performance improvement methodologies – including LEAN and Six Sigma – is the idea that better solutions emerge when you empower staff and involve them in decision-making. While larger, complex projects often involve cross-functional groups drawn from multiple departments, managers have the opportunity to launch focused, intradepartmental projects that empower team members in problem-solving more often.

The importance of empowering staff members and involving them in decision-making is well documented. In his best-selling book, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, author Daniel Pink describes three major factors in the workplace that accentuate our intrinsic motivations to succeed: autonomy, purpose and mastery. Involving staff in how to make the work better, more efficient and more satisfying supports all of these factors, especially autonomy.

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