Dedicated frontline leaders in healthcare are overwhelmed.
Are we giving them the skills and support they need to be successful?

Do you adequately prepare your middle managers for the challenges they’re up against every day?

We’ve posed that leadership development question to dozens of healthcare executives over the past 18 years. And we’ve never had someone confidently answer “yes.”

Coming out of the pandemic, healthcare organizations need effective, competency-based, healthcare leadership development now more than ever. Especially at the frontline, healthcare leaders are struggling with morale, burnout, disillusionment … and just keeping their department staffed shift-to-shift.

A clear roadmap to transform workgroup culture

Stamp & Chase’s approach to healthcare leadership development is grounded in research-based best practices that are practical and straightforward. High-brow philosophic discussions around leadership development are intellectually interesting. But theory alone often leaves managers without a clear roadmap of what to do tomorrow to better support and engage their team and improve performance.

Hospital Leadership Development ProgramWe recognize your strengths, then work collaboratively to solve your weaknesses

Our collaborative approach identifies strengths in your current leadership development initiatives. Then we focus on specific gaps in skills and practices that can help leaders transform work group culture using our T.E.A.M. Leadership Model.

Because healthcare organizations tell us that sustainability of leadership practices is one of their biggest challenges, we’ve developed the MyTEAM® Platform. This easy-to-use cloud-based app helps leaders in healthcare prioritize, adopt, and track the practices that make them – and their team members – more successful.

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