Phase 1: Assessment

Understanding your organization’s strengths and challenges is Step #1
improving patient experience through rounding at stamp & chase
Through a rapid assessment process we call the Patient & Staff Engagement Snapshot, we identify the strengths, weaknesses and major opportunities for improvement in organizational performance and communication practices. Specifically, these rapid assessments include:
  • Analysis of recent performance indicators, including quality measures, employee satisfaction research, patient satisfaction surveys and other applicable benchmarks and/or research studies
  • Individual interviews with hospital and physician leadership to confirm organizational priorities, assess degree of alignment on critical practices and issues, and identify major areas for improvement
  • Minimum of four focus groups with frontline staff and middle management from a cross-section of departments to gain additional insights into cultural issues and perception of needs in communication
  • Two focus groups with physicians to gain input on communication issues within the Medical Staff, with patients/families, with hospital staff and with referring physician practices
  • Summary Report delivered to the leadership team the day following the interview/focus group process to highlight key findings, major implications and priorities for improvement