Our Approach

A Fresh, Comprehensive Approach to Performance Improvement

Our research and work with a broad range of healthcare clients confirm that efforts to instill a stronger, high-performance culture and to improve staff engagement and behaviors are among the most difficult organizational factors for middle managers to influence. These issues, which are far more challenging for managers to affect than technical competence or adherence to policies and procedures, have a significant impact on a middle manager’s success and the overall performance of his/her department, especially under a value-based care delivery model.

Working closely with the leadership team, we recommend a collaborative approach in four phases that will engage senior executives, middle management and frontline staff in efforts to improve individual and collective performance. From Day 1, we work to build trust among frontline staff, managers and physicians in a way that will improve adoption, implementation and sustainability of new behaviors. We will equip managers with the competencies and tools they need to be successful and consistently improve the work environment and operational results.

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