Month: January 2018

nurse helping patient feel better graphic from stamp & chase

Sometimes, a cheerful smile and sense of humor is what patients need most

When I speak to audiences across the country, I always share that, first-and-foremost, I learn and draw inspiration from dedicated health care professionals who I’ve had the privilege to work with. But over time, I’ve found that inspiration in patient experience work can come from many places, including airlines and hotels where I spend much of my time when I’m not in a hospital. Antione, who cheerfully welcomes visitors to Delta Airlines’ SkyClub in Terminal B of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, is one of the most inspiring non-health care professional I’ve ever met. Five days a week, Antione greets visitors with a broad smile and uplifting welcome or sendoff. “Good evening, young lady. How are you this evening?” “Thank you, young man. You travel safely.”

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