Month: August 2018

john mccain graphic from stamp & chase

My Memories of Senator John McCain and His Commitment to Healthcare

To the heartfelt chorus of praise, respect and admiration for a great American hero, Senator John McCain, I have to humbly add my memories from the time while I was the president/CEO of Phoenix Children’s Hospital almost 20 years ago. Each year, leadership from the children’s hospitals across the country would travel to Washington to meet with their Congressional delegations on issues facing children’s health. Some representatives and senators would make time to meet with us; others delegated the task to staff. First, if Senator McCain was in town, he would always meet with me. Contrast that with a freshman representative who couldn’t find the time so he sent a green staffer who didn’t even follow health care. The aide sheepishly admitted as we started

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how to improve employee retention

10 Questions Every Manager Should Ask Every Employee

Inspiration for my columns on how to improve employee retention, engagement, and customer experience come from many places. Often, I’m the beneficiary of great insights from the work we’re doing with leading organizations across the country. But recently, I was given one of the best lists of questions I’ve ever seen for guiding a truly meaningful conversation between supervisor and employee right in my own hometown … from my wife. A life — and career — changing experience My wife Luanne joined the Guest Relations department at Barnes-Jewish Hospital after her life-changing spine surgery there early last year. She expected the 7-hour procedure to make a major difference in her physical condition. But what she didn’t expect was the impact that just being at the

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