Month: February 2018

warren buffet graphic from stamp & chase

What does Warren Buffett know about customer experience that we don’t?

Within moments of the recent announcement that Berkshire Hathaway, Amazon and JP Morgan Chase would team up to form an independent health care company for their employees, predictions around their likelihood for success were rampant. Central to the debate was one key question: would the fact that none of the partners have significant experience in the provider industry be a roadblock or an enabler to thinking differently about how health care should be delivered? Quickly, many focused on Amazon’s expertise and power in logistics, technology and online retailing. But perhaps Berkshire Hathaway is just as intriguing to study. The massively successful conglomerate has broad ownership of successful companies across diverse industries, ranging from manufacturing and transportation to retailing and insurance. Maybe looking at the common

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nurses taking a patient to the icu graphic from stamp and chase

“What kind of scar will I leave?” – Thoughts on our Lasting Impressions

Impressions. As caregivers, we leave lasting impressions on virtually every patient and family we touch. We strive, of course, for those impressions to be positive. But the reality is much of what a patient experiences while in our care is anything but positive: pain … a devastating diagnosis … a discouraging prognosis. These unescapable “scars” are unfortunately part of illness or injury. As caregivers, perhaps one of our most important roles is finding ways to diminish inevitable distress. Recently, a physician leader in one of our partner hospitals related a compelling story that had a profound influence on how he thinks about his role as a caregiver. The story he shared has had a lasting impact on the way I’ll now think about what our

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