Month: October 2020

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Do our actions always match our aspirations in patient experience?

Is exceptional patient experience a priority in your organization? Virtually all leaders in health care I talk with answer with a resounding “yes.”

But this question also prompts reflection. How much of a priority is improvement in patient experience? Does our stated philosophy drive our everyday practice, especially in what we reward … and what we penalize?

First, we need to acknowledge and celebrate the fact that the vast majority of dedicated healthcare professionals provide … Read More

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Why staff on the frontlines need more – and different – support from leadership right now

Overwhelmed. Exhausted. On-edge. Discouraged.

As the pandemic has worn on longer than most of us imagined, the adjectives to describe our collective emotional state grow increasingly pessimistic. From small children frustrated by virtual learning to the elderly isolated without physical contacts with family, everyone is stressed.

For staff on the frontlines, their stress is exacerbated by the public’s feelings of restlessness, economic uncertainty, frustration, and anger. For leaders, acknowledging that your employees are being verbally … Read More