Month: December 2020

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When staff feel they’ve lost control, involving them in decisions is even more critical

All of us have experienced a sense of powerlessness this year because of COVID-19. For health care professionals, that frustration has been magnified 10-fold. While leaders cannot magically reduce the problems caused by the pandemic, they can include staff members in problem-solving and decision-making. Especially now, empowering staff by listening to their frustrations and their ideas for addressing them is essential.

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Leadership rounding should be a gift you give your staff … and yourself

It is Christmas Day as I’m writing this blog. This quiet afternoon took me back to a similar Christmas afternoon in 1998. I was the new CEO of Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and that afternoon I made one of the best spur-of-the-moment decisions I’ve ever made as a healthcare leader.

Our kids were young at the time. Between the excitement of opening gifts on Christmas morning and our traditional holiday dinner, things were very quiet … Read More

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A Forum for Team Conversation — and Venting — is Vital during COVID-19

“Are you crazy?!”

That’s the reaction I might get from some leaders when insisting that staff meetings are more important now than ever. Yes, staff meetings take some thought and time to be effective. But team meetings are the only place where staff have a chance to have a focused conversation with all their colleagues. That is, when we shut up and let them talk.

At no time in recent memory have the demands on

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Connecting with your team every day has never been more important

Among the many responsibilities of frontline health care leaders, activities that help the team work as a highly-functioning unit are critically important. Understanding the dynamics of the team as a whole is essential to nurturing the teamwork that improves quality, safety and patient experience.

For over three decades, the health care industry has faced rapid change and unique operational, financial and market challenges. But at no time in recent memory have the demands on health

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