Month: April 2021

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Be careful what you wish for! Five tips to avoid the healthcare “management blues”

New title. New office. New status in the organization.

Being promoted to a management position is everything you’ve dreamed about and worked so hard to achieve, right? Not always.

A recent article in Harvard Business Review by professors Nishani Bourmault and Michel Anteby looks at why employees moving up to management roles experience what they describe as “managerial blues.”

In “Research: Becoming a Manager Doesn’t Always Feel Like a Step Up,” Bourmault and Anteby describe … Read More

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Five questions to make the “How are you doing?” conversation more meaningful

Supporting staff and staying connected to how they’re feeling has never been more important. As health care organizations emerge from what has hopefully been the worst of the pandemic, there will be a tendency to breathe a sigh of relief and high-five the team’s success. Indeed, there is much for the country to be thankful for regarding healthcare professionals’ sacrifices over the past year.

But for health care leaders, the emphasis now should not only … Read More