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Be careful what you wish for! Five tips to avoid the healthcare “management blues”

New title. New office. New status in the organization.

Being promoted to a management position is everything you’ve dreamed about and worked so hard to achieve, right? Not always.

A recent article in Harvard Business Review by professors Nishani Bourmault and Michel Anteby looks at why employees moving up to management roles experience what they describe as “managerial blues.”

In “Research: Becoming a Manager Doesn’t Always Feel Like a Step Up,” Bourmault and Anteby describe … Read More

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Five questions to make the “How are you doing?” conversation more meaningful

Supporting staff and staying connected to how they’re feeling has never been more important. As health care organizations emerge from what has hopefully been the worst of the pandemic, there will be a tendency to breathe a sigh of relief and high-five the team’s success. Indeed, there is much for the country to be thankful for regarding healthcare professionals’ sacrifices over the past year.

But for health care leaders, the emphasis now should not only … Read More

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Why catching your team in the act of doing good is so important right now

“It seems like they only notice when we do something wrong!”

When working with frontline staff, I’ve certainly heard that statement more than once. In many cases, the complaint might be overstated, and employees may even admit that if pressed. But staff usually think that leaders are too critical not because they point out problems too often. Rather, it is because they offer positive feedback too seldom.

In our T.E.A.M. leadership model, observation … Read More

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Rethinking the purpose and power of goal-setting during the pandemic

For health care organizations focused largely on operational survival, hour-to-hour may best describe their planning horizon right now. The stress and immediate challenges of the pandemic have thrown a wrench in most healthcare systems disciplined, predictable annual goal-setting processes.

But the pandemic shouldn’t cause organizations to toss aside goals and the process of goal-setting, especially at the workgroup level. This article is the fifth in our series Leadership in the Time of Coronavirus. Today, … Read More

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When staff feel they’ve lost control, involving them in decisions is even more critical

All of us have experienced a sense of powerlessness this year because of COVID-19. For health care professionals, that frustration has been magnified 10-fold. While leaders cannot magically reduce the problems caused by the pandemic, they can include staff members in problem-solving and decision-making. Especially now, empowering staff by listening to their frustrations and their ideas for addressing them is essential.

The this fourth installment in our series, Leadership in the Time of Coronavirus, we … Read More