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Four concrete leadership strategies to engage virtual teams

Nothing in recent memory has turned the world upside down for work teams like the coronavirus pandemic. Issues have varied by industry, but dealing with a larger contingent of virtual workers as been one of the most common challenges for bosses.

While employees working from home initially claimed to love the convenience, I’ve heard many admit that they increasingly long for the connection and companionship of colleagues. And for companies – especially those that thrive … Read More

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COVID-19’s invisible healthcare heroes – and how to better support them

Sadly – and maybe predictably – the parades, pan-beating, headlight-flashing and banners have all faded as the pandemic has worn on. And what’s left? Health care professionals continuing to put their own lives in jeopardy – both physically and emotionally – to care for patients, especially in a handful of states where rapidly rising COVID-19 cases are pushing hospitals to capacity.

Throughout this crisis, one group of soldiers has been working behind the scenes to … Read More

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Top 10 “people” strategies that should be part of your COVID-19 recovery plan

Health care organizations are formulating recovery plans from the coronavirus crisis, and how to ramp up volume is understandably a top priority. But this unprecedented crisis has taken a toll on more than just the income statement and balance sheet. The very fabric of organizational culture has been stretched — and in some cases torn — by the emotional, physical and financial burden inflicted by COVID-19 and the tsunami effect it has had on the … Read More

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This is health care professionals’ finest hour. It can be leadership’s finest hour, too.

Among the many emotional moments captured during the COVID-19 crisis, the outpouring of support for health care professionals from the public, the media and major companies has been among the most moving. While there have been few positives to come out of this tragic time, the fact that dedicated health care professionals are being lauded and embraced by their communities is certainly one of them. Much like the lingering “glow” for police, firefighters and other … Read More

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The importance of encouraging health care staff to show their personalities

Guest Blog

On February 27, 2019, I was admitted to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis due to acute respiratory failure, in the hopes that a new set of lungs would become available soon for transplant. My ability to breathe had taken a nosedive over the previous year or so, due to a genetic condition called Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. All the nebulized medicines and inhalers I was using were no longer effective. Without a transplant, … Read More