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The importance of encouraging health care staff to show their personalities

Guest Blog

On February 27, 2019, I was admitted to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis due to acute respiratory failure, in the hopes that a new set of lungs would become available soon for transplant. My ability to breathe had taken a nosedive over the previous year or so, due to a genetic condition called Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. All the nebulized medicines and inhalers I was using were no longer effective. Without a transplant, … Read More

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How much money are you wasting on leadership training?

From a consulting firm that offers professional development training for leaders as an essential component of our work, this may seem an unlikely question. But it is a question we constantly ask ourselves, both to ensure maximum value to the organizations we serve and to guide the way we approach professional development.

To ensure success and maximize return-on-investment from leadership development, organizations can benefit from the same disciplined thinking that underpins value-based care and population … Read More

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Purposeful rounding? Or rounding with a higher purpose?

Has there ever been a single management practice that has promised to solve more problems than rounding? Especially in the realm of patient experience improvement, leadership teams often turn to various interpretations of rounding as the silver bullet to turn around lagging CAHPS scores. More often than not, they are disappointed.

So, is leadership rounding an ineffective strategy? Hardly. But like so many management principles, the magic is in the why and how we implement … Read More

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10 tips for making one of the best venues for team-building better

“Another meeting?!”

It’s a frustration we hear often, especially in health care provider organizations. And for good reason. Meetings are often held for the wrong reasons, are poorly planned and can be just plain boring.

But when they are inclusive, open and well-planned, department staff meetings can be one of the most powerful places to cultivate teamwork and trust across and with a team. Like so many long-standing, accepted management practices, the magic and key … Read More

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Have we lost the power of purpose in health care?

Understanding and leveraging purpose in organizations seems to be one of the most talked about issues – and opportunities – in companies today. A few weeks ago, 181 CEOs who are part of the prestigious Business Roundtable signed a new statement on the “Purpose of a Corporation.” No longer is simply driving shareholder value the top priority, they said. The statement recognized an organization’s role in engaging and serving all stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers, communities … Read More